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A few days ago, you had a traffic accident. Immediately after the collision, the other driver took responsibility for the accident, declaring that he was ready to compensate you from his insurance. The best car accident lawyer firms are right here now.

Since you did not have a Cid to fill in, he left you his data with the details of the policy and the telephone number. Now, however, that you have tried to call him several times without getting an answer, you are afraid that he will fool you. Maybe, after consulting his lawyer, he is thinking of giving his insurance agent a different version of the facts. So you wonder how to protect yourself in the event of a car accident. Choosing the best lawyers is important there. One of our top suggestions is the Pittsburgh Car Accident Lawyer Contact them for a free consultation.

If these are the facts, know that you are not the only one who has fallen into this sort of “trap”. Indeed, it is almost normal that in the forty-eight hours following the accident there will be second thoughts following a more objective and serene assessment of the story.

Those who initially believed that they were wrong start to express some doubts and even in simple doubt, try to try at least the guilt contest card. The advantage, however, is objective: if the insurance company recognizes a liability of no more than 50% to its customer, it cannot increase the bonus credit rating. With the consequence that, by charging some blame to the other motorist, you end up not paying a higher premium on the car. The best and the most educated lawyer can actually make you come up with the best deal.

That’s why you need to know in advance how to protect yourself in the event of a road accident. And here you will find some suggestions.

Fill In The Cid

In the car, you should always have a copy of the Cid, also called Cai (friendly claim form).  Go to this page, read the warnings, download the form and print at least 4 copies to keep in the dashboard. You need four because, in the event of a claim, one copy is left to you, another to the opposing driver, while the remaining two end up with the respective insurances. The use of the law firm comes perfect there.

Filling out the Cid is very important because, on the one hand, it avoids second thoughts and, on the other, it allows you to get compensation from the insurance in much faster times 60 days from the accident report if there is only damage to things; 90 days if there is also damage to people. Choose the best car accident lawyer for the solutions of such problems.

If the parties sign the amicable finding form, then, they can no longer retract the reconstruction of the facts, even before the judge. However, the Cid binds only the drivers and not the insurance companies or the court eventually called to settle the case for damages. This means that the company could consider the Cid to be false, that is, the result of a malicious agreement only to scrounge the compensation. But to do so, he must have a valid indication of attempted fraud. The best attorneys are here for your support.

What To Do If You Don’t Have The Cid?

If you do not have the Cid in the car, expert still recommend that you ask the motorist to fill out, by mutual agreement, a document on any sheet of paper where you will report your details, the description of the dynamics of the accident, the place and time where this occurred, the indication of the parts of the respective cars affected by the contact it will also be better to take photographs with a smartphone, specifying even if there are injured. Finally, try to make a graphic sketch on the sheet reproducing the place of the accident, the trajectory of the road and the respective cars before and after the accident. The writing must obviously be dated and signed. For the personal option this is important.

What To Do If The Other Driver Does Not Want To Write Or Sign Anything?

If the other driver should, with any excuse for example, haste, tell you that he cannot or does not want to sign any sheet with acknowledgment of responsibility, you can, secretly, record the conversation and provoke an admission of verbal guilt. You will need the proof in the event that it becomes necessary to sue the insurance to obtain compensation.

The jurisprudence, in fact, considers lawful the recording of conversations made without the knowledge of the participants provided that they do not take place at work or in the places of private residence of the subject intercepted. Have the best legal supports now.

What To Do If The Other Driver Does Not Admit His Fault?

If you and the other driver are in total disagreement, you will have to take on as many elements as possible and then proceed with the claim. After asking for the details of the other driver, his driver’s license and the insurance contract which he cannot deny you, take pictures of both the cars and the road. Make multiple shots, from near and far, in order to frame both the road and the contact points of the cars. The best legal help is underway there.

If you or the passengers inside your car got hurt, after the arrival of the police go immediately to the emergency room or get carried away: do not wait the next day.

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